Monday, 5 December 2011

Bodybuilding Diet Tips

    Below i've listed some of the best bodybuilding diet tips that can help give every bodybuilder more consistent results with their diet program.

         Tip No.1 - Be Patient - Far too many people constantly jump from one diet to the next without giving any of them a chance to work. It takes at least twenty-one days for your body to adapt to any dietary change, and changes do not happen overnight. Give your current diet a chance to prove itself. Then, if you need to make adjustments, include small tweaking.

         Tip No.2 - Eating Consistently - Did you know that random eating works against you because it does not keep a steady flow of nutrients moving through your system? In order to build quality muscle, your body must continually have a positive nitrogen balance. The secret to building muscle and losing body fat is CONSISTENCY! Yes, it is that simple! In order to be consistent, it is best to plan your meals. Pre-cooking helps to take the guess work out your next meal. So this means you will have to invest in some Tupperware and perhaps an ice chest so you can have meals handy.

        Tip No.3 - Eating The Right Amount - It is true that many calories are needed to provide energy for training and building muscle, but excess calories that are not absorbed will be stored as fat. Keep macro nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) in balance, and shock the body every once in a while with a high calorie meal. Eating is good, eating to grow is great, but overeating is UNACCEPTABLE!

         Tip No.4 -  Logging Calories - Not logging calories can lead to either overeating and/or under-eating. Not only should calories be logged, but also each macro nutrient, the time eaten, and the amount. To properly add muscle and lose body fat you must keep accurate records of food consumption. Estimating caloric intake leads to miscalculating, hence, failure.

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         Tip No.5 - Keep Fats In Your Diet - While keeping fats to a minimum in your diet can lower your calorie intake, never try to completely eliminate them. Completely cutting out fats from your diet will slow your fat metabolism down and also slow your muscle gains. Essential Fatty Acids are needed in your diet to boost your bodies natural testosterone levels.

          Tip No.6 - Using the Scale - Using the scale solely to gauge progress. It is true that a scale is a measuring tool, but it is unable to distinguish between water, fat, and muscle. The best method is to track your progress through body composition. Scales are beneficial if used in conjunction with body fat instruments.
          Remember, bodybuilding is a visual sport so photos are an excellent source to gauge progress, as well as taking precise measurements. Also, having an unbiased eye to provide you with constructive criticism will keep you on the right track. A body fat composition is a starting point, and if you don't know where to begin you will just keep running around in circles.

          Tip No.7 - Make Small Changes - When increasing or decreasing calories from your diet, allow your body to adapt by making small changes. Severe reductions in calories will cause the body to hoard fat, and a severe increase in calories will stimulate fat storage.

          Tip No.8 - Don't Copy Pro Bodybuilders - Mistake made by many beginners, is relying on professional bodybuilders for advice. This is like spitting in the wind, as it will only come back to smack you in the face. We have all admired the huge physiques that take over the stage, thinking they have all the answers. This is true, but professional bodybuilders have accomplished a great deal. They are on a professional level, and there is a big difference between professionals and amateurs. Professional bodybuilders have been training for years, diet for months, and supplement heavily. Learn to read between the lines about what is displayed in the latest muscle magazine and what reality is.

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                                                                               Wes from Fresno

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