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        Post your answers to one or both of these questions:-

 1. What's the best piece of advice you've received since you started bodybuilding? Wether it be from a book,a training partner or just someone in the gym.

 2. What's the biggest bodybuilding mistake you've made since you started?

 I'll be updating blog with answers i get from emails and forums to go along with your answers!


               A lot of people fail at getting the kind of body they want for one reason: DIET!!! What i'm about to write is mainly for bodybuilders that are bulking and are having a hard time eating enough food. These tips i'm about to list have been FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE and other readers feel free to list some of your tips that help you chow down all the food you need.

           1) Start out eating smaller meals: Most of the time people (beginners mainly) go from eating 2500 cals one day and want to get bigger so they up it to 5000 cals in a matter of a couple days. Doing this leads to one of two things or both: getting unwanted fat gain or getting burned out quickly because you are having to eat so much food all of a sudden. Well you have to crawl before you can walk my friend. Adding in a little more food each day with each meal will help your body adjust to the new diet and will help you stick with your diet longer. So an example would be something like this. Say you eat two eggs in the morning with a piece of toast and a glass of milk. The next day or a couple days after that you could up the eggs to three and/or eat another piece of toast. Starting out with smaller meals and gradually increasing your food intake with each meal will help you stick with your diet longer without having to gorge yourself with food starting out.

          2) Drink plenty of water:We all know water works wonders. Water is the best thing to drink with a meal. Not only does it help you eat more food by not feeling you up as quick as say milk or even worse a carbonated drink but it also helps your digestive system break down nutrients with each meal. If you have a hard time eating every two or three hours then try drinking a lot of water between meals. It actually helps me eat more and makes me hungry faster.

         3) Eat slower: Unless you are in a eating contest then there is no reason to scarf your food down like an elephant. When meal time comes around try to relax and take your time eating. It usually takes me 20-30 minutes to eat a meal or sometimes longer unless it's a protein shake or something like that. So if you get full pretty quick then take your time and eat. Plus eating slower gives your body more time to digest your food and helps your body distribute the nutrients to where they really need to go.

         4) Eat more calorie dense snacks: You dont have to eat a steak with a baked potato and a salad every meal. If we did we would all feel like we have a barrel in our stomachs. Some good snacks are peanut butter and nuts. Looking at  my peanut butter container 2 tblspoons has 190 cals with a lot of good fats(if you use natural peanut butter like the majority of us do). 2 tblspoons is hardly nothing to get down. One of my favorite recipes is apple's with peanut butter. Not only are you getting the cals and healthy fats from the peanut butter but also the nutrients an apple supplies. Another good snack is a handful of nuts. I eat fresh pecans right off the tree because i have two big pecan trees in my backyard. Not everyone has this luxury so almonds and peanuts are probably the best two nuts to buy. A handful of almonds usually has around 140-160 cals with a load of healthy fats. And of course you can always go with the king of snacks which is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with glass of milk. If a few of these bad boys a day doesn't put some weight on you nothing will.

         5) Drink protein shakes: If you just can't down another bite then protein shakes are very handy. I dont care if you are one of these anti-supplement, creatine is a steroid type person. You need to buy protein powder if you're serious about working out. Yes it's possible to get your protein intake with just food but you will have to eat a lot more and i hope you have a nice little bank account to get plenty of chicken with. There really is no reason NOT to get a protein powder. They are quick, easy to make, and you can carry them with you in a shaker cup wherever you go and most of them are pretty cheap like ON's 100% whey or Dymatize Elite whey. Plus you can add peanut butter and/or oats to them and you have a nice little shake with a lot of protein and good carbs and fats.

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                                                                         Jay from  Sacramento

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Post your answers to one or both of these questions:-

1. Whats the best piece of advice you've received since you started bodybuilding? Wether it be from a book,a training partner or just someone in the gym.

2. Whats the biggest bodybuilding mistake you've made since you started?

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