Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Best Bicep Exercises

   In Today's post we are going to be looking at some of the best bicep exercises. The biceps are arguably the most noticed muscle on a bodybuilder. If someone has got 'Big Guns' you know they spend a lot of time working out in the gym. So i've put together my top 5 exercises for building massive biceps.

No.1- Preacher Curls: Get yourself set up on a preacher bench. You can use a regular barbell, but i'd reccomend using an ez curl bar.  Make sure that the weight is manageable., ( you must be able to get at least 8 – 12 reps per set).  Also make sure that your arm pits are resting over the top of the preacher benches pad by adjusting your seat to the right height. A common mistake people make is resting their elbows on the top part of the pad, which is the wrong thing to do. Then simply curl the bar up to your chin height, and lower it back down slowly.  This exercise isolates the biceps and is one of the best bicep exercises that a majority of bodybuilders use in their program.

No.2 -  Alternating Dumbbell Curls: Helps correct any imbalances because it works each muscle individually. Set up for the alternating dumbbell curls by grasping a set of dumbbells which will allow you to perform about 8-12 reps. Stand up straight, with your feet shoulder width apart and with and your arms down by your sides. The dumbells should not be touching your body and your palms should be facing up. Then, with your elbows tucked in, start to curl the weight. Sqeeze your biceps at the top of the movement, which should be around your shoulders. Then, without taking tension of the bicep, slowly lower the dumbbell without it touching your body. Keep your body as still as possible, and try not to swing back and forth, when performing this exercise. If you want to give your biceps a good workout you must maintain perfect form.

 No.3 -  Cable bicep curls: Attach either a metal bar or a rope to the bottom hook of the cable machine. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart, and then simply curl the bar or rope up towards your shoulders like you would with the alternating dumbbell curls. This is one of the best bicep exercises you could perform with a machine, and although not a huge fan of exercise machines, this exercise is actually very good overall.

No.4 -  Twenty one’s (21′s): 21′s are a great finishing exercise and will burn your arms out.   Grab  an ez curl bar or a straight bar and curl the bar up to about the half way point, so that your forearms are at right angles to your upper arms.  Then lower it back down.  Do this first part seven times.  Then curl it  to the top position which is just under your chin from the halfway point up. Then lower it back down to the halfway position. This is also repeated  seven times.  Then do full curls from the bottom position all the way to the top position, for your last 7 reps, . Many have claimed this is one of the best bicep exercises for definition aswell as for mass.

No.5 -  Hammer curls: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  Arms down by your sides and use dumbbells that will allow you to again get 8 – 12 reps per set. Your palms should be facing your sides and are kept facing this way when you lift the weight, the same action as when you are using a hammer. Curl the dumbbells to shoulder height and then back down.

So there it is, my top 5 best bicep exercises.  Add more exercises from time to time, and always try to mix it up.  You never want your muscles to get use to a routine.  Continue to hit them from all angles, in order to maximize their growth.

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