Friday, 6 January 2012

Incline Barbell Bench Press - Exercise Explained Video Series


          Series of videos explaining how to perform bodybuilding exercises. In part 4 we explain the incline barbell bench press. The incline barbell bench press is very similar to the regular bench press except that it works the upper chest instead of the middle chest.
          Set up for the incline barbell bench press by setting the bench to an angle of about 30 degrees. Don't set the bench any higher than 45 degrees because you will start to work the shoulders more than the upper chest.

          To begin, grasp the barbell with a wider than shoulder width overhand grip (palms facing your feet) and unrack the barbell from the bench and keep your arms at full extension. The barbell should be lined up so that it is directly above the middle of your chest.

           Then slowly lower the barbell down to the top of your chest as far as possible without touching your body. Allowing the barbell to touch your chest places unneeded stress on your shoulder joints and takes the tension away from your upper pec muscles. Also when lowering the bar, make sure that you do so in a slow and controlled fashion and don't 'bounce' the barbell off  your chest.

           Then raise the barbell back to the starting position but do not lock your elbows out. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor and your back and butt should be kept in contact with the bench at all times.

In these videos heavy weights will not be used as the emphasis is on explaination and correct form.

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  1. The incline bench press is a really good exercise that works the upper parts of the pecs. The dumbbell incline although is a better exercise, because it allows you to attract your muscles from different angles (that is what i think atleast)



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