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Best Tricep Exercises For Mass

Best Tricep Exercises
 'How do i get bigger arms?', is one of the most popular questions i get asked. To most people its no surprise that  dedication, genetics,  consistency,  hard work, diet and proper training all play a vital role in how much your arms will grow. All being said, the aim of this article is to give you five of the best tricep exericses for mass, or in other words, five of the most effective tricep exercises for stimulating the tricep muscle and adding size to give you the arms you've always wanted!
You probably already know some of the best tricep exercises for mass presented in this article, but you might not include all of them in your current tricep workout. To gain overall size to your arms, take a look at some of the most effective tricep mass building exercises you can perform. 

1. Weighted Dips

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tricep Dips
  For adding overall mass to the Triceps, Weighted Dips are widely considered as one of the most effective arm exercises. This exercise can be performed using a bench, but is more commonly performed on parallel bars.
 Primarily a compound movement for developing the Triceps Brachii (Lateral and Long Heads of the Tricep), Weighted Dips are extremely beneficial for development of both the Long Inner Head of the Tricep aswell as the Lateral Outer Head during the mid portion and lockout portions of the lift.

Tips - To maintain proper form keep your Head and Chest up, if you lean too far forward this places a significant amount of stress on the Rotator Cuffs aswell as placing a larger emphasis on the contraction of the chest (chest dips are slightly different to regular dips).
  At the top portion of the lift make sure to get a full contraction (the lockout) and slowly lower yourself  until your arms reach an angle of about 90 degrees. To aviod placing unnecessary stress on the Supraspinatus which can result in a shoulder or even a pectoral injury do not go beyond 90 degrees.

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2. Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press
  For building overall mass and thickness in the Triceps, the Close Grip Bench press is considered as one of the best Tricep exericses. The Close Grip Bench press involves a narrower grip (roughly 6 inches) than the traditional Bench Press which places slightly more emphasis on the Long Head of the Tricep, while the lockout portion of the lift also activates the Lateral Head.
This is one of the most popular Tricep mass building lifts used by bodybuilders because of it's overall Tricep development.

Tips - Make sure to digg your shoulder blades into the bench, retract your Scapula by arching your back and keep your core tight. By doing this you form a good base for a lift such as the Close Grip Bench Press, where heavy weights are used. 

3. Floor Presses

Tricep Floor Press

 Another great exercise for the Triceps is the Floor Press. It is a very effective movement because it loads the majority of the strain onto your Triceps, even when using wider grips. However a narrower grip should be used for the purpose of building the Triceps.
 With the range of motion involved doing the Floor Press, more stress is placed on the Triceps and less on the chest, due to touching the floor with your triceps when you are at the bottom portion of the movement, where on the regular Bench Press you would go further and touch your chest.
 When doing this exercise alot more emphasis is placed on the Triceps and especially the Tricep Lockout, so this exercise is also recommended if you are having difficulty with locking out weight on your Bench Press.

Tips - As seen in the image above, this exercise is best performed in a Power Rack, if you dont have a spotter set up the safety pins if necessary, you should be able to set the pins 2 notes from the bottom which allows you to still get a good range of motion from the actual exercise. To activate the Triceps more, take a narrower grip. 

4. Dumbell Tricep Extensions

Dumbell Tricep Extensions
 After heavier compound exercises like the Close Grip Bench Press, The Dumbell Tricep Extension can be used as a great additional lift, or if you do not have access to parallel bars it can be used to replace lifts such as Weighted Dips.
 The Dumbell Tricep Extension places a large emphasis on the long inner head of the tricep, and heavy weights can be used for this movement, which you will certainly feel after 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

Tips - This exercise can be performed overhead or seated so there are different techniques for both.
 If you are standing, simply place the dumbbell onto a bench with an underhand grip, bend down and lift it onto your shoulder, or you should be able to just position it behind your head if you have the Tricep strength,  although some people find it hard to stabilize themselves doing it this way.

 If you are seated, the technique is quite similar, place the dumbbell ontop of your knee, and with the same underhand grip grasp the dumbell underneath near to the handle, then flick the dumbbell with your knee onto your shoulder and position the dumbbell just behind your head.

5. Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks / Extensions

Tricep Kickbacks
 Now onto the best Tricep finishing movement of all time, the popular Tricep Kickback. Now I can hear all you hardcore guys say that this movement is an “isolation” exercise and so is useless, the Tricep Kickback is a staple exercise of many IFBB Professional Bodybuilders, and at the end of a workout is probably the most superior exercise for pumping the Triceps to the max.
  This exercise really places alot of emphasis on the Long Inner Head of the Tricep, aswell as the Medial Head and is great for developing the peak, or the “hang” of the Tricep belly by working on that Inner head.

 Tips - Find whatever you have at your disposal, usually an adjustable bench does the job. Then place one of your hands on the bench, and (to whichever hand you used) then place the corresponding left or right leg  also on the bench. Then bend your torso to an angle of about 45-90 degrees and bend your arm to 90 degrees, then contract the Tricep muscle by extending your elbow.

 And There You Have It, My 5 Best Tricep Exercises For Mass!

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