Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bodybuilding Program

           Do you know how angry it makes me when i hear guys say, “I have been taking steroids for six months now and I still can’t grow?” This really makes me mad because it’s so easy to get big if you just put  the time and the energy to put into your body. It’s the same as everything else in life, you get what you give.


          Going to the gym and training is about 30% of the struggle but it is very important cause without it, you simply can not grow. The best advice I can give when it comes to the training part is that you have to keep your body guessing, which I can’t stress enough. Also, this is a life long journey and NOTHING will happen overnight. I like to split up my routine into one body part per day and switch it up every month in exercises, sometimes compound and sometimes basics,sometimes machines, and sometimes dumbbells. If you are still having trouble putting on mass(which is what you must do first), then you have to use all basic movements and utilize power-lifting exercises to reach your goal. The best mass builders are Bent-over rows for your back, dead-lifts for overall thickness in the hams and back, bench press for the chest, straight bar curls for the biceps, skull crushers for the triceps, squats for the legs, and military press for the shoulders. If your not using these exercises, you better start. Also remember to always take 2 days to rest and never over-train. This would be a good ideal split for beginner or intermediate:

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Saturday-Biceps and Triceps



         Sleep is one of the most missed factors when it comes to growing. You grow when you sleep, and without it you will not grow! It’s that simple, estimated 6-8 hours of sleep per night is normal for optimal growth. So make sure you get that nap in, it will benefit you in the long run.


          Diet is the most important factor when it comes to getting big. Your gonna need to pack in as much protein as possible and also figure out what your daily recommended allowance is. Once you find how many calories you need per day just to maintain, then you need to add 500 calories to that, and make sure you keep a log. Say your calories needed per day is 3000, now add 500 calories to that which gives you 3500. Write down in a log book everything you ate or drink in a day and add up the calories. When you have stopped gaining weight this way, then simply add another 500 calories and so on until you reach your target weight.You should always drink 1-2 gallons of water per day.

            Try to get most of your calories from proteins,healthy fats, carbohydrates,and simple sugars. Your protein source is going to be totally up to you but this is what i use: carnivore beef protein,red meat,burgers,chicken,tuna,eggs,and turkey. Try to eat clean, even when bulking. When people say eat clean it means make home cooked meals basically. Don’t add unneeded salts and butter,spices,or fats. It’s unnecessary and really unhealthy.

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          Guys, now we have covered all the basic necessities of what’s needed to get big and lean. It’s really easier then you think but here it is again broken down for you.

Training-make sure you keep your body guessing and train with 100% intensity giving yourself a break on two days. Be sure to use basic compound movements when bulking.

Sleep-very important that you get 6-8 hours of sleep.

Diet- You must eat and I can’t stress this enough, the more food you eat, the bigger you will get. Eating is the most important factor in getting big, IMO.

             Food has to be your number one priority and I can guarantee you that if your not growing , it has something to do with one of the above mentioned. Best of luck to you guys and like i said, be patient because that is the reason why most guys do not make it to be HUGE, they didn’t try long enough.

        P.S. It took me 14 yrs to look like I do and all I did to get there is do what I just wrote.

                                                                        Kane from Colorado Springs


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