Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Advice on abs

 Learn From People's Advice And Mistakes On How To Bodybuild 

    The secret to getting a great set of abdominal muscles is finding a good abdominal training program and followoing a diet that reveals them. To be able to see see your abs you usually need to get your body fat levels below 10%. You could have the best set of abs in the world but if there covered by a layer of body fat and water nobody would ever know.
       So i would advise a body fat level of around 7% to be able to show them off. Nothing looks better than adding a great set of abs to a great physique so in order to reveal them doing an abdominal training program alone won't cut it. Its your diet and cardio that gets your body fat levels low enough to show your abs.

                                                     Dylan from L.A.

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