Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Overtraining, writing down bodybuilding goals and major muscle building exercises

 Learn From People's Advice And Mistakes On How To Build Muscle

  The best piece of advice for me when i started bodybuilding was always listen to your body. Don't become robotic with your training. Just because your meant to train your chest on a certain day and you don't feel like you can  train 100% i take an extra day or two. Also if i've been training for a while and i feel a bit flat i'll take as much time as i need away from the gym to recharge my batteries. Always listen to your body!

                                                             Mark from London

 Best piece of advice for me when i started bodybuilding was always take care of your back when training. Don't get caught up with how heavy your lifting, just make sure your form is correct. I damaged my lower back when i first started bodybuilding and have regretted not taking the advice seriously ever since

                                                        Sam from Newcastle

  When i first started bodybuilding i never wrote anything down to do with my training sessions, i just memorized the exercises,sets and reps. Then a training partner told me to always keep a log of my sessions and try to constantly improve every time i went to the gym. Seeing things written down helped me to acheive my goals quicker.

                                               Steve from Rochdale

 If you've just started bodybuilding my advice would be to focus on the building exercises not the detail exercises. Isolation exercises play a vital part but the major muscle builders are the big compound exercises such as :- Bench Press,Dips,Rows,Chins,Squats,Deadlifts and Leg Presses

                                                  Big Trev from Doncaster

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