Friday, 7 October 2011

Advice on form, length of workout and post workout recovery

      Learn From People's Advice And Mistakes On How To Build Muscle 

    Always try to maintain complete control over the weight with perfect form at a moderate pace. At the fully contracted point of any movement try to stop the weight dead and hold for a second. Aim to do this on every rep and every set.

                                                            Paul from Sydney

       Best piece of advice for me was from a training partner advising me to keep my workout under an hour. After being told i went away and did a bit of research. Found out after 60 minutes of training the levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol increases and testosterone decreases. This is counteractive for any bodybuilder. Soon taught me its not quantity but quality time in the gym that counts 

                                                                   Ray from Sunderland

        Make use of the 30 minute nutritional window straight training to speed up post workout recovery. Straight after you workout your muscles are in urgent need of nutrients to start the recovery. Try to eat your post workout meal within 30 minutes from finishing training or at least take some good supplements.

                                                           Lee from Liverpool

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