Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Varying bodybuilding routine and 3 parts to build muscle

 Learn From People's Advice And Mistakes On How To Gain Muscle

    Say you do 10 reps of an exercise to failure or to the point that you couldn't possibly do another rep, it's only really the last couple of reps that break down your muscle fibre, the reps before that have just been leading to that point. Once i understood this i was able to really give everything on the last couple of reps or doing the reps before that would have been a waste of time. Then it's up to your diet and rest to make the muscle grow.

                                                                  John from Plymouth

       Keep shocking your muscles! Don't just do the same routine day in day out. Varying your routines makes your muscles respond better.My advice on how to gain muscle is don't let your body go into cruise control.

                                                         Dan from Aberdeen

   There are 3 parts to bodybuilding - TRAINING - DIET - REST. You've got to do each one correctly if you want to reach your full potential. It's no good training correct if your diets poor and your not giving your body enough time to rest and recuperate.  Each part must be done right to build muscle.

                                                  Michael from Swansea

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